The100: self-reinforcing cultures and goats cheese  chasers

We’re back (panic over). Popping bubbles Years past, we’ve talked quite a bit about empathy and understanding the consumer better. You know: the echo chambers, the disparity between what you think and what others think, on why we understand people not-like-us less and less. There is a classic example that’s in the news now: the In/Out (shake-it-all-about) referendum on Europe by […]

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Platform 9¾

Many people know us for our video qual projects that bring sledgehammer realisations to the bored and the boardroom. Others for our observation methodologies that ice bucket the presumptions. And some for our ability bring the numbers to life and make the proof, well, foolproof. But Platforms? Don’t you find them on train stations? While those of the train variety are […]

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