Start ups – things to remember

We’ve been reading lots of things about start ups – one that stuck with us was an article written back in 2009 which listed things you have to get right. Well we’re here no so let’s look at how we’ve done so far.

1. Pick good cofounders – so far so good.

2. Launch fast – if only.

3. Let your idea evolve – it has, and it will.

4. Understand your users – we’re understanding them more each day

5. Better to make a few users love you than a lot ambivalent –  our aim entirely

6. Offer surprisingly good customer service – we do

7. You make what you measure – we are measuring everything we can

8. Spend little – we’ve done that, we count everything

9. Get ramen profitable – we’ve got here as well

10. Avoid distractions – not yet achieved, finding it tough

11. Don’t get demoralized – we’ve fired up

12. Don’t give up – never

13. Deals fall through  – they do, they have, but some don’t

When asked if he could keep one which would it be he said ‘understand your users’. Funny, that’s what we’re helping people do a

One comment

  • Bronwyn

    I am so excited to have found you. Have you heard of Telstra ran it. You could upload a video and were paid 50 cents for each download. I made $500 in a feww months. Yay! They shut down. Bugga! Have you considered phone apps? the software is different for phones but it is easy to learn, or grab a teenager, or a toddler, they know everything about phones.
    I do not get the net connected until Friday, and I put my new bigpond email address on you application form and so until Friday, ugh, I can not confirm your site. Buaag.
    I have read this blog and you are doing very well. It does sound like a lot of work though.
    For years I have been writing to companies when I like or dislike their products. Take Colgate for instance. I liked their $2 toothbrush. They sent a lovely letter of reply and two free toothbrushes and toothpaste. Perhaps you could look at this for your site. Google freebies. You try the product for free. I have actually brought things after trying them and so it must work or they wouldn’t do it. If they are willing to give stuff away free, why not to you and your memebers?
    I followed the link on your site to learn how to take better videos and it was funny and educational. Ta.
    Thank you for your time.